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Medway Waste Solutions have taken down many out buildings, garages and even stables for customers over the years’. Not only do we take the buildings down, we also take the rubble and debris away and dispose of the materials in a correct manner. We can also make the area good and prepare it for the next stage should you be looking to building another building or garage in it’s place.  We have previous installed concrete bases and footings for a range of interesting outbuildings and sheds.

If you believe or we suspect asbestos is present in your out building or garage, we can arrange for a detailed safety report and asbestos test to take place before any work is carried. Should asbestos be present then special measure will need to be taken before any work can be carried out.

If you have an out building or garage you want dismantled we are happy to provide you a free quote. TO arrange your free quote please call us on: 01626 903125.

Building Dismantling in Teignbridge, Exeter, Exmouth & Torquay

01626 903125