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At Medway Waste Solutions Ltd we understand the trials and tribulations of letting a property especially if you get a bad tenant. We have been called to many properties by our clients where the tenant and landlord have been in dispute to find the dwelling has been completely vandalised. We can restore your property to its original state quickly and without fuss to maximise the letting potential

So we offer one stop shop for all your end of tenancy properties, we can clear any property then give it a deep clean if required.We can even redecorate the property for you so all you have to do is re-let it.

If the garden has be left to go wild we will come in and tame it for you, we can offer a regular maintenance of gardens or just a one off tidy up. We can repair replace damaged fence panels and if you require hard landscaping such as patios or decking we can help there too. In fact any service you may require as a letting agent / landlord we can provide.

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